The Platform

Welcome to VisionPort

Engage, inform, and inspire: VisionPort is the future of immersive presentations.

Utilized by museums, universities, corporate offices, and commercial enterprises around the world, VisionPort is an all-in-one platform that brings together a seamless video wall, interactive GIS applications, a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), and End Point’s years of expertise to create an immersive and engaging experience that brings any space to life.

Using the VisionPort Platform, our clients mix and match map markup, GIS data, 3D models, graphics, audio, video, and other media types to create visually stunning, story driven, curated showcases that awe visitors and make highly effective sales presentations. The VisionPort CMS, a browser-based content management system, enables your staff to easily build interactive presentations. The fidelity of the display draws attention and the dynamic visualizations encourage discussion and user engagement.

Each system is supported 24 hours, 7 days a week by a dedicated support team to ensure optimal performance, uninterrupted quality, system security, and provide ongoing feature updates.

VisionPort — Liquid Galaxy — Multiple Screens — Server Nodes — Multitouch Map — CMS — Wireless Controls — Customizability — Screen Share — Video Conference — Google Earth — Street View — Cesium — ROS — GIS — 3D models — Panoramic Media — Web Page — KML — Support — Opportunity!

Platform Choices:

VisionPort One

VisionPort One is the classic VisionPort experience that has proven itself in 70+ installations around the world.

VisionPort’s seven screen immersive displays have been seamlessly integrated into conference rooms, exhibition halls, showrooms, and lobbies. If you are not ready to install your VisionPort display directly into a wall, utilize the portable system frame which can be set up in a matter of hours and easily moved to new locations on a whim.

Standing apart from walls or other display pieces, VisionPort One will be a permanent center of attention in any setting.

Opposite image: Standard VisionPort One installation with 7 screens, in-wall audio, joystick, and iPad.

VisionPort Mini

End Point is excited to introduce a new entry into our line of VisionPort products: the VisionPort Mini, a scalable and smaller form factor alternative to the VisionPort One.

The VisionPort Mini was developed with both ease of use and affordability in mind, offering up to three screens of high fidelity imagery for your presentation, conference call, or marketing materials without sacrificing performance. The VisionPort Mini is made with smaller conference rooms in mind and is easy to retrofit into smaller offices or presentation rooms while still offering support for the same add-ons and media types as the VisionPort One.

Scale your visual impact effortlessly from one to three screens, adapting to the unique demands of your office space.

Opposite image: The VisionPort Mini experience running on a 105" extra wide display.

VisionPort Touch

Introducing VisionPort Touch – a smaller, touch-based alternative to the VisionPort One.

VisionPort Touch puts the world at your fingertips. With intuitive touch screen controls, you can seamlessly navigate through breathtaking landscapes, delve into detailed geographic data, and embark on virtual tours of distant locales

Whether you're a broker, marketer, professor, or curator, VisionPort Touch empowers you to unlock the power of spatial exploration. Dive into educational journeys, conduct in-depth research on market or real estate trends, and impress audiences with captivating presentations through our new touch experience and intuitive controls.

Opposite image: A user demonstrating the touch controls by navigating a 3D Globe application.

Custom Implementation

Interested in utilizing our support, CMS, and other expertise but with your own application or another use case?

Our team of experts will work with your team to design a system unique to your needs. Multiple rows of displays, table top touchscreens, seamless LED walls, personalized content, data visualizations, custom applications and integrations… let us know what kind of experience you would like to create!

VisionPort is flexible and scalable to support many different use-cases outside of the base experience we offer.

Opposite image: A custom VisionPort tabletop touchscreen experience at the International African American Museum in Charleston, South Carolina, United States.

Content Management System (CMS)

The CMS allows researchers, designers, curators, and other users to manage the various media types showcased on the platform. The real magic of the platform is the CMS: it allows you to drag and drop media, superimposing content on top of different background applications in specific locations on the video wall’s canvas. The CMS makes creating new and impressive presentations quick and easy, allowing businesses to adapt to changes in projects, a new set of clients, or new themes for the month on a whim. Preview your content before it is played on the system, or even generate new content using the Tour Wizard or Cesium content editor.

24×7 Support

End Point provides extensive ongoing remote monitoring and support. We monitor the performance of your system, provide remote troubleshooting and support, and are available at all times to assist with your system and questions about your content.

As part of our ongoing development for all our clients, we regularly update the system and integrate new applications and features that are developed. Usage can be tracked to make more informed decisions and effective presentations.

Beyond the physical installation of the platform, we are here to ensure you succeed with the platform by using its many features to your group’s benefit.

Advanced Features and Upgrades

These are additional features that a VisionPort may have aside from the foundation features.

VisionPort Remote

View and control your content remotely, providing navigation of the globe through a number of keyboard and touch actions. This feature acts as a remote touchscreen, and doubles as a portal that creators can use to test content from their own devices. It can also be used to present to external viewers and meeting participants.

Video Conference Integration

Invite, host, or join popular video conferencing solutions as a guest with a live view of the system, or any connected cameras in the room. Video calls can also be shared to the display wall or an integrated side screen, so that users can see who they are interfacing with.

Screen Share Integration

Effortlessly screencast from your devices to the VisionPort’s video wall using ClickShare, making it easy for all users to share to the video wall without the need for technical expertise. Usually used with computers, phones, or tablets, this feature allows participants to share any form of content, including presentations, spreadsheets, and modeling software on the screen to any platform-controlled display.

Media Stream Integration

Enables you to mirror an HDMI video feed as an up to 4K window on any VisionPort screen. This is perfect for laptops, desktop computers, TV, video game consoles, Blu-ray players, or any other device with an HDMI output.

Integrated Side Screens

Integrate existing or new displays elsewhere in the room with the VisionPort platform! This screen can be fully controlled via the CMS, and display content from any of the above features to complement your presentation on the main displays.

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