The Platform

Welcome to VisionPort

Using the VisionPort (formerly Liquid Galaxy), marketers, educators, and researchers can combine maps, GIS data, 3D models, images, sound, panoramic videos, KML, and other data overlays to showcase information and visually-rich stories. The result is the excitement of a customized and dynamic immersive experience, either individual or communal.

All these features are implemented via a browser-based content management system. Every system is supported 24×7 by End Point Dev to ensure optimal usage, uninterrupted quality, and provide ongoing feature updates.

VisionPort — Liquid Galaxy — Multiple Screens — Server Nodes — Multitouch Map — CMS — Wireless Controls — Custom Software — Google Earth — Street View — Cesium — Gaming — ROS — GIS — 1D modeling — Panoramic Video and Photos — Web Page Interaction — Unity — KML — Support — Upgrades… Opportunity!

System Choices:

Built-in System

VisionPort’s immersive displays have been seamlessly integrated into conference rooms, exhibition halls, showrooms, and lobbies.

Portable System

Our portable systems can be set up or taken down in a matter of hours, making them ideal for relocating throughout museums, events venues, convention halls, and more. 3, 5, 7, 14 screens or more in a custom installation — the sky’s the limit.


Standing apart from walls or other display pieces, our cabinet configuration allows for VisionPort to be a useful permanent center of attention in any setting.

Content Management System (CMS)

The CMS allows users, designers, and curators of VisionPort content to manage the various applications offered on the platform and how they interact with each other at a given time or in a given presentation. The magic of the CMS is the ability it gives users to drag and drop media, superimposing the content on top of different applications in specific locations on the display wall’s canvas. The CMS provides businesses with the ability to change what content is playing quickly and easily, allowing them to adapt to different times of the day, a new set of clients, or new themes for the month.

24×7 Support

End Point Dev provides extensive ongoing remote monitoring and support. We monitor the performance of the every system, provide remote troubleshooting and support, and even remotely power-cycle the servers if required!

As part of our ongoing development for all our clients, we regularly update the system and integrate new applications and features that are developed. Clients are also provided with system usage statistics.

Beyond just the installation of the platform, we are here to make sure you succeed with the platform by using its many features to your group’s optimal benefit.

Advanced Features and Upgrades

These are additional features that a VisionPort may have aside from the foundation features.

Video Conference Integration

Invite, host, or join popular video conferencing solutions as a guest with a live view of the system, or any connected cameras in the room. Video calls can also be shared to the display wall or an integrated side screen, so that users can see who they are interfacing with.

ClickShare Integration

Allows VisionPort users to effortlessly screencast from their devices without prior experience. Usually used with computers, phones, or tablets, this feature allows meeting participants to share any form of content including presentations, spreadsheets, and anything else on the screen to any system-controlled display.

Media Stream Integration

Enables you to mirror an HDMI video feed as an up to 4K window on any VisionPort screen. This is perfect for laptops, desktop computers, TV, video game consoles, Blu-ray players, or any other device with an HDMI output.

Integrated Side Screens

Integrate existing or new displays elsewhere in the room with the VisionPort platform! This screen can be fully controlled via the CMS, and display content from any of the above features to complement your presentation on the main displays.

VisionPort Remote

Allows users to view their content remotely, providing control over Google Earth navigation through a number of touch actions. This feature acts as a remote touchscreen, and doubles as a portal that creators can use to test content from their own devices.

What else do you get?

  • Installation: onsite or remote
  • Customized system configuration, preparation and testing
  • Cooperative working alongside your interior designers, architects, building management
  • Fulfillment and delivery of all required components, servers, visual mediums, and upgraded features
  • Onsite or remote training on CMS
  • Quarterly newsletter describing new features
  • Ongoing access to a client representative
  • Warranty on all hardware and software