The Technology

Content Management System and Applications

The key to the impact of VisionPort is the Content Management System (CMS), a web-based interface that allows your team to build comprehensive presentations quickly using drag and drop positioning tools. Using the CMS, team members can combine pre-defined maps, pins, and other GIS visualizations together with graphic overlays, video, and web pages. These presentations can be used to walk the viewer through a complete story, flying from location to location along with explanatory text, photos, and videos. Simply choose an application to function as the base of the scene, and overlay your supporting information on top.

Advanced Feature Kits

In addition to the main set of applications, additional add-on features can be purchased as kits and configured to further extend the base capabilities of the VisionPort experience.

Services and Support

End Point Dev offers top-of-class support services for VisionPort beyond the installation of the platform. We are here to make sure you succeed with the platform by utilizing all of its many features to your benefit.

System Architecture

We use cutting-edge custom-built software to deliver an immersive GIS oriented video wall experience with extensive application support. Implemented using a ROS network, the system is composed of one or more video machines that deliver synchronized experiences to an array of displays. The software stack allows us to coordinate a presentation experience unlike any other with fine-grained control of every aspect of the video wall’s content.

Liquid Galaxy Base

Google created the Liquid Galaxy in 2008 as an open source project that others could install on their own hardware, customize to suit their organization, and enhance with new features. End Point has been deeply involved with the Liquid Galaxy since those early days, with Google and many other customers.

We built our VisionPort on a Liquid Galaxy base, taking its capabilities to a higher level. But in addition to our most advanced work with VisionPort we continue to support and enhance many active Liquid Galaxy installations and collaborate with other Liquid Galaxy developers and users.

Cesium KML-CZML Editor

The Cesium KML-CZML Editor gives users the ability to visually and dynamically edit KML and CZML in its Cesium browser window. Updates made with it can be exported at any time to CZML, the native markup language for Cesium.

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