About End Point Dev

End Point Dev is the leading global agency for developing, deploying, and supporting VisionPort and Liquid Galaxy systems. With over 200 installations and events worldwide, our team of engineers and content developers has deep knowledge of the hardware, software, and aesthetics that makes these systems come to life as a dazzling data, business, education, or presentation tool.

The company was founded in 1995 and now has over 50 engineers based throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. This team brings decades of experience in systems management, database programming, web platform development, application development, and more specifically, VisionPort and Liquid Galaxy development and support.

End Point Dev also develops scalable data-driven applications in the ecommerce, public health, and business fields using a wide range of technologies.

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The History of VisionPort

VisionPort had its beginning in Google’s Liquid Galaxy, a system that End Point Dev installed, supported, and further developed in collaboration with Google. We eventually managed the entire fleet of systems for them.

We then expanded on the features and capabilities, integrating Google Street View, touchscreen navigation, sound, video, and more. As a commercially viable product, we installed and rented dozens of Liquid Galaxy systems for other companies beyond Google. Real estate sales and property management companies integrated them into their sales and marketing operations, universities built them into their libraries and conference centers, and museums & aquariums featured presentations across the globe.

The wide feature set that is now established in the current system far exceeds what was originally available with Liquid Galaxy; this new system is VisionPort.